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  • 你的研究中

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    The types of changes that require further ethical review include (but are not limited to) anything that alters the:

    • 这项研究的设计
    • Details in the original HumSS FREC application form
    • 协议或其他支持文件
    • Participant information leaflets or consent forms
    • 招募材料  

    If you are unsure whether a change you propose to make to your research project requires ethical review, contact the HumSS FREC Administrator on humss.ethics@keele.ac.uk.

    If you wish to amend a 工作方案, there are different documents to complete; follow the process outlined on the 工作方案 page and return here to submit your amendment. For all other amendment applications, to make an amendment:

    1. Amend the affected documents (using tracked changes or otherwise clearly identifying all changes)
    2. Complete the humss频率修正请求形式

    Once the changes to affected documents are complete:

    1. Complete this HumSS FREC谷歌提交表单
    humss频率模板和指导; note that applications will ONLY be accepted through completion of the online Google Form accessed through the link to the Google Form itself above).
  • Upload the all affected documents as directed by the Google Submission Form
  • 提交申请。
  • Within 4 working days, the HumSS FREC Administrator will review your application to ensure that it has been submitted correctly. Any queries will usually be sent to you by email.

    在决定修订(见 REC审查的结果) will usually be given within 14 working days of submission.

    If the HumSS FREC requests further information, you should respond in the same way as for 最初的应用.

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    humss.ethics@keele.ac.uk along with supporting documents and evidence as applicable.



    1. 下载并填写 humss频率进度报告
    2. 电子邮件报告 humss.ethics@keele.ac.uk

    The HumSS FREC Administrator will acknowledge receipt of the Report via return email.

    The Progress Report will be reviewed by the Chair (or their delegate) and where necessary, they may provide you with feedback or request further information if required.