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          开始成功 is a 2-year project which aims to develop a whole community approach to support the mental health and wellbeing of HE & FE students, led by Keele and 员工ordshire University.  The region’s universities, colleges, local authorities, police and NHS providers have come together with a common purpose to remove barriers, improve support and services, and enable student success. Project Officers will be working across all aspects of the student journey to support effective transitions into, through, and out of higher education, with three areas of focus; student transitions, early intervention, and step change in support through partnership working with the NHS.


          更多信息有关的项目,以及项目更新,将在即将上市 www.starttosuccess.co.uk.

          如果您有任何问题,请在取得联系 info.starttosuccess@keele.ac.uk.

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