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          西蒙尼foister 西蒙尼foister




          A head shot of Luke Bellamy the head of the student think green society 卢克·贝拉米
          Luke is a third year Environment & 可持续性 student. Luke was the project assistant to the pioneer LiveGreen: Keele project team and decided to get involved this year to continue the project’s success. Luke is the Think: Green society president, and sits on the sustainability steering committee for the university. His sustainability interest is food security, and wants to go into this after graduating. He believes that the future of agriculture will be in the form of vertical farming, a concept where food is grown indoors in a tall building within the cityscape. He is also interested in 3D printing and astronomy.


          托拉尔沙阿 托拉尔沙阿



          Priya Gandhi 普里亚·甘地

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